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Dear guests,

Before the start of 2021 season we have adapted our services based on the authority instructions and according to the official hygiene protocols, paying attention to the health protection of our people and our guests. Below you can find information about the hygiene regulations we follow to ensure the best possible health protection:

Common areas:

  • In order to avoid congestion and close contact, minimum distance requirements have been met. The layout of the furniture has been rearranged so as to fit in with the social distancing regulations.
  • The cleaning of common areas has been intensified, emphasizing on the points of frequent contact.
  • Disinfecting stations are available in all common areas.
  • Air conditioning in common areas is achieved by the natural air recycling.


  • In order to assure plenty of time for thorough cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms, check-in and check-out times have been modified as follows:
    Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 11:00
  • The set up of the reception area is such as to assure social distancing.
  • A glass partition has been installed at the reception desk in order to provide an additional level of protection to our guests and our team members.
  • Apparent markings and safety directions are to be found in the reception area.

Rooms & Suites:

  • We have created a strict cleaning & disinfecting protocol using professional certified cleaning products. After each departure an intensive disinfection process takes place. The inner covers of the pillows are also replaced after every departure.

  • Any unnecessary decorative objects have been removed from guest rooms.

  • For your own hygiene and safety, the room-cleaning & towel-change service enters your room only upon your own request at the front desk.

Food and beverage departments

In order to assure social distancing we have made the following changes:

  • Our breakfast buffet operates as a service station and our staff provides for the guests’ service.

  • Disinfecting stations with approved products are set up in all areas.

  • The layout of the furniture has been redesigned in order to meet social distancing requirements.

All our staff is being tested once a week against covid19.

In case you feel unwell:

  • We cooperate with a specially certified physician, who can be called to the hotel. Our guests can have a PCR test at a special price. Samples can be collected by on-call doctor at the hotel upon appointment.

  • In case a suspicious case of corona virus is recorded, the National organization of public health will be informed.

We would be glad to help you with any query you may have, concerning a modification to your travel plans or for any further information you may require. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@bellaveneziahotel.com

We thank you and we wish you a good summer!

Bella Venezia Hotel Team

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